Sex is deep; it is a convenant; it is a tool the devil is using o destroy great and promising destinies. Sex outside of marriage is a big deal! Teenagers experiment with sex, thinking it is natural in teenagers relationship. The society exposes the young ones to sexual vices as well through the media especially the internet.

Sexual purity is a book that explores the many ways teenagers are exposed and made vulnerable to play sex outside of marriage. Readers will find useful information and strategies that will help in assisting their children to develop a positive opinion about abstinence from sex and protection from sexual predators. Hurting victims of sexual assault will find reading, sexual Purity.

The Greatness In Me, A Save A Princess Initiative to Bring all Young Teenagers under one umbrella to educate them on the norms of #KeepingTheirHonor

Watch out for our May 26th Seminar tagged: “THE GREATNESS IN ME
Its another time for Secondary School students to gather together again as we create awareness on Sexual Purity by looking at ways that young people can be abused sexual; how to avoid being a victim and finding help for victims. Other forms of addiction and immorality that can hinder greatness as a child grows up will also be explored!
Don’t allow your child or ward to be left out!
Don’t allow your School to be left out!

Venue of event: Lighthouse Int’l Christian Centre Auditorium, Samonda, Ibadan.
Time: 10:00am-3:00pm.

It promises to be great!