Change Begins With Me, 2022

Save a Princess organization held its summer retreat on August 6th which was themed “Change begins with me” from 9:00am- 2:30pm.
We engaged the teenagers and young adults in different activities and talks which include:
1. Emotional intelligence/breaking addiction (Taken by a clinical psychologist )
2. Skill acquisition training (Graphics, Tie &dye and soap making)
3. Breakout sessions (which included talks on making right decisions and standing for right doing )
4. Talk on Sexuality:Why Am I Tempted (Taken by the coordinator of CPN Oyo state: Pastor Toyin Ogedengbe )
5. Talk on ‘Change begins with me’ (the teenagers and young adults were educated on good moral behaviors and leadership)
6. Spoken words and music presentation by the teenagers .
7. Talk show( young adults were invited to talk about their experiences: how they navigated adolescence and experiences in and out of school)

The first 70 teenagers and Young adults were presented with Sanitary towels for females and book on Sexual purity for male.

We had a total of 256 young people in attendance.