About Us

  • Keep Your Honor
    Putting Smiles on Lives of Young Girls

Save A Princess is a faith-based non-governmental organization that has the mission to reach out to the female child in the Nigerian society. The outreach was borne out of the burdens in the hearts of some concerned mothers in the society who could no longer fold their hands and watch the state of decadence in the nation. Our mission is to groom the female child into womanhood.

To reach our target audience, we visit secondary schools and homes for teenagers to interact with the teenagers. We organize community outreach in lesser cities and also engage mothers on relationship with teenagers.

Observations and findings from our field work since year 2008 however, led to the extension of our outreach on Sex Education to the male child also. We realized the need to save the boys lest our world end up with a dearth of REAL men in the future. We therefore ensure we engage both boys and girls in every school visited in order to balance the equation.


  • To bring out the full potential in every child.
  • To create in every child a good self-image.
  • To encourage every child to aspire high in life and be a goal getter.
  • To protect our children from the menace of the society by educating them on different life issues.
  • To help every child grow up into a total, fulfilled and happy adult in all ramification.
  • To help bring back confidence and emotional stability in every child who has been violated in one way or the other.
  • To preserve the glory of womanhood in every female child.
  • To help indigent female students.


  •  Visiting schools and organizing special talks.
  • Organizing symposium, seminars, conferences and retreats for secondary school students.
  • Organizing holiday camp meetings for students.
  • Special one on one counseling sessions with professionals.
  • Organizing seminars with parents and teachers.


We have visited over 70 secondary schools in Ibadan metropolis under our weekly outreach and visits to schools. Some schools actually take advantage of the informal education we give and ensure we visit their students every session for continuity and effectiveness.

Our first seminar was held in 2014 to celebrate the world Women’s Day with female students. We had about 210 female teenagers in attendance and the theme of the program was “I am not Inferior To You”
We held a town hall meeting with the women of Afijio local govt. area in February 2016 and sponsored the free cervical screening that was carried out by Society for Family Health. Awareness was created among mothers of the need to give good sexual education to children and signs to look out for in a child that is being abused sexually.

We hold seminars every May 27 to celebrate the Children’s Day with teenagers. Features of the program include talks by experts and professionals on peer pressure, drug abuse/addiction, career talk; debates by students, game challenge, book reviews etc So far.

We have had two editions of the May 27 seminars:

May 27, 2017: ““I am the Change Nigeria is Waiting For”” 250 participants
May 26, 2018: “”The Greatness in Me”” 375 participants

Our activities and programs are solely funded by Volunteering members of the Organization and some few parents who believe in our social work.
We desire sponsorship of our programs so we can do more.

On Wednesday 14th November we joined other organization creating awareness on sexual purity to celebrate the 2018 sexual purity day. The program was also used to celebrate our 10th Anniversary and the release of a book written by one of our principal coordinator titled Sexual Purity. A lecture was delivered at the event by a family law expert titled: Sexual Purity: Myth or Fact? Professionals were also present to answer questions frequently asked by teenagers about their sexuality, drug abuse, peer pressure etc.


Aside our weekly school visits and seminars, we intend to reach out to the lesser cities in Ibadan and other local Government areas of the state to engage the teenagers and parents.

Our main project for now which is creating awareness on sexual purity to save people from dangers of sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies tagged “Keep Your Honour” will be taken to the lesser cities and other LGAs.

The on-going survey of the sexuality of teenagers in Oyo state will be extended to the rural areas too.
We request for sponsorship of our programmes in the rural areas and the on-going survey.